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DVD Recommendation – Turbo Sculpt

Turbo Sculpt

If you’re like me and need to get lean and mean but hate being on the weight machines at the gym (booooring), this is a DVD I definitely recommend.

Turbo Sculpt only requires a set of hand weights (3 or 5 lbs to start for females, higher for males) and a mat. If you’ve ever done any of Chalene Johnson’s workouts, you know that she’s a great instructor without getting too cutesy. The workout is broken down into warm up (gotta heat up the muscles), arms, shoulders (this part is killer for me), squats, lunges, and core.

The music transitions nicely for each section, and she demonstrates the moves with weights with her sidekick Mindy as usual demonstrating the moves without weights and at less intensity. I like videos that show alternate moves for those starting out or those that may be injured and can’t go full bore.

It’s 40 minutes in length, but flies by pretty quick. As always, make sure to pay close attention to your form and posture to prevent injury.

Two thumbs up 🙂

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