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DVD Recommendation: Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates/ Crunch Super Slimdown

Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates with Instructor Ellen Barrett

I’ve worked out with many Pilates DVDs over the years, and I’d have to say that I like Ellen Barrett’s style the best. She comes from a Ballet/dance background and incorporates that into her routines.

As most of you already know, Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates as a way for dancers and other athletes to strengthen up after serious injury. Because of that, the focus of the practice is core strength, flexibility, and breathing. It used to be known as Contrology, a method of using the mind to control muscles. In other words, with every movement you do, the mind has to be part of the action or it won’t be effective, and injury could occur. I know there was a few times where I spaced doing a Jackknife pose on the stability ball and came crashing down. Oops.

This video is great. Its focus isn’t on mat work, but instead movements and poses in a standing position. Hand weights are recommended (2 or 3 lbs each) and you will need sneakers for the standing portion. Then it’s time to kick off your shoes and get on the mat.

Crunch Super Slimdown with Ellen Barrett

Another recommendation I have is Crunch Super Slimdown. This is a more traditional Pilates mat workout in combination with traditional Yoga poses, and very effective. She’s really good at explaining the movements and has a young lady demonstrating partial range of motion movements, with the rest of the class performing the full range of motion movements.

Have fun with it, and as always, be mindful of your pose and posture.

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