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I like to move it, move it

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

When you make recipes of the sort I’ve been posting on this blog, you have to find new and creative ways to burn off the calories so the waistline doesn’t expand. For me, that could include running, yoga, cardio classes, and my all time favorite, the Turbo Jam series.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s a good video with excerpts of routines from Cardio Party Mix 1 and 2 and Punch, Kick, and Jam.

Turbo Jam is fun way to get the heart pumping; it’s got great choreography is mixed with dancey music and you have the option to step things up or keep things low impact. Lots of punches, kicks, jumping, and abdominal work. By the end I’m always sweating and feeling great. Awesome for those days when I really don’t want to leave the house again to drive over to the gym. Pop in any of the DVDs, and get to sweatin’. Two thumbs up!

I found out the other day that training to become an instructor in the studio version of this class will be held in my area in November. It’s definitely something to ponder for the next two months πŸ™‚

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