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I’ve developed a new respect for Marlon Brando

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Maron Brando - An American Icon


Seriously, dear readers, I didn’t even mean to do it. It’s like, I just rediscovered my love out of the blue.

Sure, starting out with Apocalypse Now a few weeks ago was kind of jarring. Throughout the course of the movie when Martin Sheen’s character looks over the dossier and realizes that there is more to Colonel Kurtz than the lunacy assumed (which is why he was to “terminate… with extreme prejudice”) it almost makes one feel sympathetic. That is, until he gets to the Cambodian base to execute Kurtz. Brando stays in the shadows (apparently this was something he demanded from Coppola because he’d gained a lot of weight) and speaks mostly nonsense. It’s then that Willard realizes that Kurtz indeed has gone mad and must proceed with the assassination.

Next on the hit parade was A Streetcar Named Desire. Stanley Kowalski is written as an abusive drunk, evil through and through. Brando gives him a charisma that makes it hard to turn away any time he appears on the screen. Yes, he abuses Stella, drinks too damn much, and eventually rapes Blanche. But, one can see why Stella can’t get enough of that man. I can see how this was the film to catapult his movie career.

Superman is probably my earliest memory of Brando. Yes, it even predated The Godfather in my lexicon. Why? Because a 5 year old usually isn’t allowed to watch The Godfather. I remember thinking “That guy with the white hair and glowy suit is pretty cool… I like his voice”. He makes a great Jor-el, in my personal opinion.

Over the coming weeks I plan to watch Last Tango in Paris and On The Waterfront to complete my Brando-worship. Good way to go, no?

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