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Movie review and a SOTD: John Woo’s The Killer (spoilers)

When one thinks of a typical Hong Kong action flick, the name John Woo comes to mind as the godfather of all that and then some. I’ve seen a few of his flicks before (Face/Off and and Broken Arrow come to mind), but never been privy to the stuff he cut his teeth on.

Overall, I found the movie interesting in the types of over the top symbolism used. Some examples:

  • Doves, doves, doves everywhere
  • a church with candles all over… signifying what, peace, a fresh start, that everyone has good in them even assassins?
  • the kid having a moment with Chow Yun Fat’s character Ah John… the moment went wayyyyy too long in this reader’s opinion.

One of the overriding themes in this movie is the concept of brotherhood and friendship, and how you back your mates up even in the face of doom. Much is made of the friendship between Ah John and his handler, the two detectives, and finally Ah John and the cop bent on taking him dead or alive.

I didn’t like how weak the one female character was portrayed. Weak, and whiny. I hate seeing that. Not that females have to be kicking major ass round the clock, but give her some usefulness other than squeaking and being eye candy. Weak sauce.

Action is crazy in this movie. Guns, guns, guns, lots of bullet wounds, random Triad gang bangers flying through windows and over cars. What’s not to love, right?

If you’re looking for action with lots o balls, check it out.

Jen’s SOTD (The Melvins’ Hooch because it’s Monday and Mondays require angry songs)

And so being in that same spirit in the 12 hours since watching the movie, this song fits the bill nicely:

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