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Game review: The Sims 3 (for PC)

The Sims 3

In previous years I’ve attempted to figure out the appeal of The Sims. Ok, so they’re little people you control into having conversations and dancing and what not, right? It’s a little more than that, and highly addicting.

My experiences with gaming have had its ups and downs. Up with Rock Band, Tomb Raider, Tetris and Halo, down with pretty much anything else. In face, my husband Erik has tried numerous times to get me to play TF2 with him, but I just don’t see the appeal of running up and down the same places shooting folks in interesting ways. That’s just a personal preference, ya know?

Over the winter break, I thought about starting up a game that I could have the ability to just pick up for a few minutes here and there, save, and then come back to it later. Plus, it has to build to something and continue to do so. If you’re going to spend 50 bucks on a game, you want to be consistently entertained, right? That’s usually my criteria.

My husband suggested buying The Sims 3 while out shopping, urging me to give it a chance. I thought it over, and said ok cool. But if it sucks, you owe me fiddy bucks!

It does not suck.

You start out by creating your Sim. In addition to the physical characteristics that can be tweaked, there are personality characteristics that you can adjust. If you want your Sim to be Polite Patty, you can customize it that way. One of my earliest incarnations was a kleptomaniac. That was interesting, because she’d do this evil laugh for no reason and want to scare people and knock over trashcans.

Your Sim needs money, so you can get them a job around town. My latest Sim is a cop. She wears the uniform and brings home the patrol car every day, and catches the bad guys to get promotions. It seems like that makes her the happiest as far as careers go, so I’m just going with it. Also, you can either make your Sim immortal and allow them to age and die (become a ghost). One day you’ll be young, then have a birthday party, then turn gray and hunched over the next day. It’s all very tragic. I don’t want my Sim to die!

When your Sim is at home, you have to do chores, just like real life. Appliances break, toilets need cleaning, you have to keep things spic and span or your Sim will be unhappy. However, there are times when they get bitchy and refuse to clean. If you got the Simoleons, hire a cleaning person. My guy is named Mike and he comes in to clean when I’m out at work sometimes. Otherwise my Sim would live in a pigsty. I’d have to call Hoarders on her, no lie.

Overall, it’s a fun game. I like going in, playing for a half hour, then going and doing something else. To me, that’s a big part of the appeal. I also like that it’s not a game you need other people to play in. It’s just you and your Sim, and your goal of making him or her happy.

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