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Why cats? Why not cats, that’s the real question

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s a well known fact that anyone who spends a certain amount of  time conversing with me learns quickly of my love for cats. That’s not to say that I’m a dog hater… far from it, in fact. After all, there is a Pekingese pooch by the name of Bear who lives rent-free in our house. I’m a dog lover also, damnit!

But, the knowledge is there that I identify first with cats rather than dogs. Why is this?

Top 5 reasons why I’m a cat person first and foremost (in no particular order):

1. Cats are lazy as hell.

I’m lazy too. If you catch me on a Saturday really happy, it’s because I’m sprawled on the couch watching trash TV or snoozing. I have been known to not get off the couch during True Life marathons on MTV for hours if possible. Well, except for bathroom and water breaks. Otherwise, the couch is my lair. And so it is for my cats. If you try to move Powa, she will complain quite loudly. Same for me.


I'm one with this notion.


2. Cats want to be all up in your business.

My husband is like this. If I am looking at funny memes, he’s got to see what they are. If I’m in the bedroom reading a book, he’s got to come and see what it is and why I find it necessary to venture from the couch into solitude. The cats do this first, though. First one, then the other walks in and then fight over who gets to lie on the bed next to me. It is very often that I fall asleep and find two large felines sound asleep next to me, paws on my arm. Erik gets annoyed because he feels they choose him over me. Poor baby 😦

3. Cats are not quiet about being hungry.

I get really crabby when I haven’t eaten. There have been times where Erik will say to me “Let’s go get some food so you can start making sense again”. The cats do the same. Powa will go seek a human out and complain loudly until her need is satisfied. Even then she’ll only eat a few nuggets and then go off. So much effort into making the alert for that? Dang.

4. Cats get annoyed with noisy children.

That’s pretty much self explanatory. Who doesn’t lose it when one is obligated to attend a child’s birthday party at a pizza place? I’ve seen parents get into combat mode at these places. “You said my kid looks like the Michelin Man? It’s on now… Nathanial, hold my earrings and shoes. It’s about to get real in here!”

Sorry, I went off there for a minute. Yes, noisy kids aren’t my cup of tea either.

5. Cats like to snuggle with their humans.

I like to snuggle with mine too. Who doesn’t, right?

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