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This really annoys me… a note about the medical profession

I’ve been going to the same family practice doctor for years. It’s a nice place, and on most occasions one isn’t kept waiting too long. On staff is the doc, and a physician’s assistant. I like the PA, he’s cool, so I normally go to him.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that the wait times have been increasing more and more. Last time I was in, I waited probably an hour and 15 minutes to be seen. In the words of my Dad… “they done worked my last nerve”.

Of course, the PA was apologetic, and I know it isn’t his fault that there are so many patients. But really, why are there so many now? Well, I’ve figured two things out:

  1. The doctor has started to specialize in two other areas apart from medicine: Botox injections and opening a weight loss clinic of sorts (offering the HCG diet plan, eeeek).
  2. Most of the patients seen are for either reasons 1 or 2, and there are a lot more lately.

I understand that the economy is in the dumper, and people gotta do what brings in the money. But the downside is the quality of the patient experience also goes down. And, because we live in a society where health care isn’t socialized, that means that patients are able to pick and choose who will be their provider.

I may just have to pledge my allegiance (and my copay) to someone else if things don’t improve.

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