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Movie recommendation: Robert Altman’s “The Company”

May 24, 2011 1 comment

Hola, dear readers 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve posted, for which I must heartily apologize. I’ve tried a few good recipes (yep, strawberry cake was especially tasty), and some bad (crock pot cashew chicken did not work out as planned). I’ve also seen a few good movies within the last few weeks. One in particular that I think tends to get overlooked, especially now that Black Swan really made an impact into the mainstream, is The Company, a film by Robert Altman.

The difference between Black Swan and The Company, even though they both take place in the ballet world, is that The Company doesn’t make its entire focus on one character. Sure, there are a couple of Hollywood stars (Neve Campbell and James Franco come to mind), but the focus really lies on the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. If you had to name a star, that would be the one.

The dance sequences are beautifully filmed, and appear throughout. No one dancer takes the spotlight, because in every sequence there is a different principal dancer. Altman doesn’t shy away from showing the injuries, the humiliations, the triumphs each of the dancers face as they strap on their shoes and give it everything they have.

Of particular noteworthiness is that unlike the controversy surrounding Natalie Portman and her use of a dance double (did she? didn’t she?) Neve Campbell more than ably performs all of her sequences. She grew up dancing for the National Ballet of Canada, so it’s definitely not a situation where an actress had to learn how to dance for the role; she was a dancer before she became an actress. I think that helps to give The Company a certain amount of credibility as a true dance film.

This is one of my all time favorites, that much is true.

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