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I’m beginning to think there’s weirdness all around me (TV shows and such)

Why else would I think a show about a guy who hallucinates that his next door neighbor’s dog is really an Aussie guy who smokes pot and poops in shoes for fun?

That would be the premise of Wilfred, airing Thursday nights during the summer on FX (Archer’s usual time slot). Elijah Wood stars as Ryan, the kind of guy who doesn’t stick up for himself and kind of a forgettable guy. Enter Wilfred, who gives Ryan the stones to do some Fight Club kind of urban ninja stuff as payback to the bullies in his life. It’s quite naughty though, so if you feel your finer sensibilities may be rattled, you may want to avoid. However, if you dig the profane and the insane, then by all means view.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I got the idea of picking a couple of seasons of a TV show I never got into previous from Netflix. The decision was long and fraught with peril, but ultimately we chose Flight of the Conchords. Yes, dear reader, I am about three or four years behind, but better late than never, yeah? It’s a great show. Jemaine and Bret are classic in their New Zealand naivete transplanted into the cold cruel metro-hell known as NYC. It’s very dry, similar to The Office, and not too heavy on the profanity and sex like other HBO shows (*cough*Eastbound and Down*cough). I’m waiting on Season 2 Disc 2 to come in and then I will be done with this summer mission. If you have a suggestion for another TV show to catch up on, I’m all ears and eyes 🙂

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