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Silkwood – a movie commentary

It’s amazing how a movie changes from the first time you see it as a kid to when you see it again as an adult. Such is the case with Silkwood. For those not familiar, it’s the story of Karen Silkwood, a worker at a plutonium processing plant who becomes a whistleblower when she finds out that the company owners are more concerned with profits than the fact that their workers are becoming irradiated at an alarming rate.

Meryl Streep gives a great performance as always as Karen, and Kurt Russell and Cher provide more than capable support as her friends. Mike Nichols as always does a fantastic job as Director, and even though the story takes some liberties with actual events for dramatic effect, Nora Ephron brings the story to life as only she can.

Beware… chain smoking is everywhere in this movie. I almost felt the need to go buy a pack at the corner store.  Almost.

If you’d like to learn more about Karen, go to Tru TV’s website. They have a great in-depth entry about her.

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