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Curly haired folks… product recommendations

It’s such a pain sometimes having naturally curly hair. It dries out and tangles so quickly, poofs out all over the place, and when short, ends up looking like a sponge. Then, when you have a sister with stick straight hair, it’s hard not to feel just a little resentful at your curly haired parent (in this case, my dad) for this lifetime curse.

Put away the flat iron, folks, because I’m here to tell you about some products I’ve been testing on my own head for the last week or so, and I am really impressed.

Presenting… the DevaCurl line:

And Ouidad:

A Godsend 🙂


As my curly haired friends can vouch, it’s never about just one line of hair care products. Sometimes, you have to mix and match.

To start with, I noticed that my hair would end up looking dry and I’d lose a lot in the shower. In thinking about what I could do to reverse this process and make my hair look a little more healthy, I started looking into what was going into my shampoo. Sulfates! Bad bad bad. Detergents have sulfates, so do dishwashing liquids. Imagine putting Tide on your head and that’s really what was making the hair follicles cry out in pain and suffering.


I switched to DevaCurl’s No-Poo cleanser, and the follicles stopped their sobbing. Some folks say that No-Poo can cause some buildup on the scalp, so the Low-Poo is another good option. Even in the application of shampoo I’ve changed methods. Used to be I’d lather up the hair and think that was doing the job. Now, with this stuff, the scalp is what needs the cleanser, then the hair. Not much lather, and that’s fine by me.


Conditioners I’m still on the fence on, as they generally don’t have sulfates to begin with. If you ever have a chance to go to Sally Beauty Supply (or any other beauty supply store) you may find a generic line of shampoos and conditioners that are almost identical in ingredients to the high end stuff sold in salons. I picked up one there that smells great and works great. But, whichever conditioner floats your boat 🙂

Styling Products

I live in a very humid area, which is usually bad for curly hair. Hello frizzies! Fortunately, DevaCurl and Ouidad have answered my prayers. A little Ouidad leave in conditioner to start, followed by a little mixture of DevaCurl AnGel Light Hold and Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity gel, then Ouidad Botanical Boost as a finisher. Scrunch the curls and let air dry, and I’m ready to rock and roll for the day.

Again, this is what works for me. I’m not a paid endorser, just a girl with hard to maintain curly hair.

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