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Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse… what a crock

Over the weekend Amy Winehouse was found dead, and there were tons of articles and news captions that decried the tragedy of it all. A young talented singer taken away too early. Talent, this girl had it. Her voice was amazing. She had a definite stage presence, and that’s really hard to come by in artists these days. Taken away too early? Unfortunately, she had a major hand in that with drugs and alcohol.

What sets humans apart from the other animals on this here planet is the ability to reason, to rationalize, and above all, to make decisions. Free will dictates that one can choose to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, and still have the ability to let the talents flow without “chasing the dragon” or drowning it in drink. Unfortunately, free will also dictates that someone has to the right to choose to chase that dragon right off the edge into another dimension, as Amy just did.

“I’m an artist, I’m a tortured soul, I need drugs and drink to fuel my creativity.” I call bull on that. It’s a facade, it isn’t real by any stretch of the imagination. As a kid who learns to sing, play an instrument, write, one doesn’t need chemicals to fuel that. Talent just is.

Elvis was a talented performer; he died on the toilet after overdosing. River Phoenix was an uber talented actor who probably would have won at least a Best Actor Oscar by now. His dying breath was on a sidewalk in front of the Viper Room. John Belushi was a talented comedian; he speedballed his way into an early grave.

I think in the end too many people think they can “maintain” while doing the H, or meth, or booze binges. “I’m young, I’m strong, I can handle my drugs.”

The boast gets proven wrong time and time again.

Free will is a wonderful thing, if used in a constructive way. Use your free will to make choices that will benefit you and those around you, not to bow to the whimsy of some idiot who says “Stimulate your mind with this, man.” Trust in the fact that your mind is already stimulated; no need for chemical enhancement.

So I’ll sit here and listen to Back to Black one more time, and think of what could have been.

/end PSA rant of the day

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