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Product recommendation for drive imaging (Tableau TD1 Forensic Duplicator)

Tableau TD1 Forensic Duplicator

I’ve been road testing (if you will) different forensic products. In our organization, we have many different types of OSs, drives, and the like. Sometimes I’ve noticed that one software product will work fine on Windows, but it will be problematic on Mac.

So the question becomes… what if you don’t want to deal with the OSs and just want a straight drive to drive acquisition?

Tableau makes a great forensic duplicator. Out of the box, the TD1 is able to handle IDE and SCSI drives for source and destination. Some other features:

  • write blocking capabilities are built in
  • can format and wipe disks on the fly (single pass or multi)
  • images can be done in either RAW or .E01 (EnCase) format
  • Fast imaging, formatting, and wiping
  • Can create MD5 hash for image authenticity
  • USB port to plug in a thumb drive for log file (including MD5 hash)

If you want to image a USB drive, they offer an add on USB protocol module for the Duplicator. Source only though, not destination (IDE or SCSI).

Because it’s not dependent on being attached to a computer with an OS, the duplicator is fast as heck and manages to compress the image the way other forensic tools do also, saving space on the destination drive.

Two thumbs up from me 🙂

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