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Musings about musings

To muse or not to muse about random things… to muse it is:

  • Slowing down to a crawl in order to throw exact change into a toll booth collection basket. Unless of course your husband is nagging you to do the opposite, so you speed up and you lose a couple of quarters, thereby delaying the process even more. He is not meant to be a navigator when I’m driving, so so FIRED!
  • A large domestic feline decides she’s hungry at 5 am, hops on the bed, and stomps all over my head and body, all the while purring like everything is all good.
  • putting a couple of bricks behind the back tires of a vehicle parked on an incline may not exactly be enough to stop it from rolling backward if it truly has no brake action. I envision it to be parked in the neighbor’s lawn across the street when I come home from work.
  • Everyone blames the firewall. Always. Even if it wasn’t the original problem.


And so, in the vein of randomness and randomosity (is SO a word!), enjoy:



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