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Keith Richards’ Life: A book review

The man's take on what really went down.

Great read. If you’re a musician, you can really sink your teeth into his musings on different tunings, chord progressions, his guitar influences. If you’re a music historian with a penchant for scandal, you’ll go along for a ride in his Bentley as he and Gram Parsons try to score coke somewhere in France. It’s got it all.

I was amazed constantly how he didn’t OD with the amount of drugs he ingested over the years. Despite that, he relates each anecdote with such clarity, it’s as if it all just happened. For someone with a lifetime abusing illicit drugs, he’s got a picture perfect memory.

Laugh, cry, cringe, and then do it all over again as the chapters fly by. Just don’t talk smack about Mick Jagger; Keith will cut you if you do. Only he can do that.

In the end, he gets the point across that the Stones were never geared to be a pop band. They wanted to be a blues band and that’s the end all be all for them. He is about the music foremost above anything else.

This book made me rediscover their music, and it’s a great rebirth. Keith is definitely the man.

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