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Workout DVD recommendation: Turbo Jam 3T

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Turbo Jam 3T... a great strength training workout


On the days that I don’t have martial arts or graduate classes, I try to get some strength training in. However, what’s one to do when the gym is 10 miles away and the part time athlete is too lazy to drive?

3T to the rescue 🙂

If you’ve read my previous fitness blog posts, I seem to have a running theme in that my workout choices tend to stem from the Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire series. The reason for this is simple: Chalene creates routines that I find challenging, effective, and fun. As trainers often say, if it isn’t fun, you probably won’t stick with it.

3T is about 30 minutes long, perfect for a day when I want to pair it with her Lower Body Workout. If you have free weights you have the option of using them, otherwise, resistance tubing is recommended. And yes, you will feel it with the tubing. My tip is to get new tubing if you want to start this workout. New tubing costs around 7 bucks and provides more resistance than old tubing… the stretchiness tends to wear out over time.

So you have some old favorites, lunges, squats, biceps, triceps, shoulder moves, they’re all in there. Plus, there’s a pretty decent Core workout at the end of the video to get the abs burning.

Incorporating both into my regular routine of kickboxing and krav maga seems to have improved my kicks and punches quite a bit. It feels good when the body feels strong.

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