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It was a clear sunny day in September

September 11, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

10 years ago, when the world changed from something safe and somewhat innocent, into something completely different. And yet, there still exists hope, hope that a semblance of that old innocence and security can come back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point. Young folks have the right to experience that at some point in their lives.

I thought about posting an image that defined the day for me, but it’s still too raw, too powerful, too emotional. Search for “The Falling Man” and you will see the image I am referring to.

I remember a trip I took with my fellow high school band members to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (I’d place the year at around 1993). I’d never been to the East Coast before this, much less out of Texas. Walking around Manhattan, I remember feeling so small and inconsequential, and never more so until our bus parked next to the World Trade Center for a few minutes. On the sidewalk, I remember looking up, and not being able to see where the building ended and where the sky began. It was just a monolith. Never did I ever imagine that that behemoth would come tumbling down 8 years later.

The question always comes up, where were you on that day and how did you handle it? I had just gotten to work, and a coworker who always watched the news on her little TV in her office had it on as usual. We walked in and she immediately yelled out for us to come to her office. “What’s going on, Glinda?” “I think a plane just hit the World Trade Center!” No way, there’s no way that happened. And of course, it did. And so all through the day we watched the coverage, no one could really focus on anything else. Panic, terror, grief, all the raw emotions were on display. I cried for the poor souls lost when the buildings came down.

One day soon I will take my husband, who has never been to NYC, to the Memorial. And I can see for myself how the city has changed from that first experience when I was 17 to the New York City post-9/11/2001.

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