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Only one bookstore in town carries a book I need for class. It can’t be a used book because only the new ones contain an online code needed for homework. Ok, fine, I go check it out. 140 bucks total for one stinking book. I buy it with the pretext of holding on to it in case I can’t find another online. I do later that day for 100 bucks. I buy the second book with the intention of returning the first one for the full amount.

Now, yours truly isn’t always great with scheduling, so I manage to miss the return date by two days… evidently the bookstore only gives you a week to return textbooks for a full refund.

The nice clerk suggests I sell it back. For what, 15, 20 dollars? Dude, there’s got to be a better way.

And there is… online selling. I listed my new book plus a book from last semester over the weekend for a little under what everyone else was selling it for. The other book has sold so far. In other words, it’s not all a lost cause 🙂

So if you ever find yourself wanting to sell textbooks to recoup some cash, consider doing it online. You might be able to get more money back than you thought possible.

Update: I sold both books 🙂 Shipping wasn’t too bad, about 20 bucks for both (one weighed almost 5 lbs), and they’re on their way to their new homes.

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