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Tempur-Pedic: worthy or not? (details inside)

I purchased a bed when I was in college about 12 years ago. When I graduated, it came home with me. It was a pretty cheap job, and not very comfortable. Later, when I started developing back issues, it got even worse. I had to stop running and basically exist with pain pretty much all the time. Back therapy has worked wonders, and I’ve stayed away from running and got into martial arts instead. So much easier on my back and I feel it getting stronger with every visit to the school.

When my husband and I got married a few years ago, one of the first items on the purchase agenda was a new bed. But, as in all things, other needs have to be paid, yanno? Plus, I really wanted to do my homework on the type of bed that would help me feel better in the morning, and keep me asleep throughout the night. I hate hate HATE rolling over and seeing 2:30 am on the alarm clock. Almost makes me want to cry because I knew it would take hours to get right back to sleep, only to be startled awake at 6:30 am by the alarm. “Wake up Jen! Wake up Jen! Wake up Jen! Get your butt up and ready for work!”

Last week we finally decided we were beyond ready to really get serious about a new bed purchase, so we went over to a local Mattress Firm. This was something we were dreading because we figured we’d get nothing but high pressure sales tactics to get us to purchase the most expensive bed in the store. How wrong I was. Our salesguy Luis was really professional, and he showed us beds in all different price ranges. We decided on the Tempur-Pedic Cloud model. It just seemed more our speed. We’re not at the point yet to get the adjustible model, although I can see the appeal, especially when watching TV in bed. Some day, maybe.

It’s been about a week and change since it arrived (2 hours after purchase, they are awesome), and I will have to say that it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned. My back doesn’t hurt when I get up, and I’m getting better at staying asleep. Husband loves it because he can’t feel me getting up in the middle of the night. That is, unless I fall into him when I come back from a bathroom visit. Not intentional at all 😉

The warranty is insane, something like 20 years, and the company deals with you directly. Our sales guy said Tempur-Pedic prefers to deal directly with customers to make sure everything is covered. They even have a sag depth maximum, in that if the mattress stays above 3/4 inch in sag when you get up, they’ll replace it at no charge. Craziness.

Four thumbs’ up! (2 from me, 2 from my husband)

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