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A potent weapon in the fitness arsenal (Turbo Fire Upper 20 review included)

This guy right here:

Painful, but so worth it... Resistance tubing

Sure folks will tell you that it’s a requirement to get a bench set or to hit the gym to get on the weights, but what if you don’t have a gym membership? Hand weights are great, sure, but resistance tubing is also a great option. It’s very versatile, and completely incorporated into all of the Turbo Fire workouts and most of Turbo Jam (except for Turbo Sculpt which uses hand weights exclusively).

Looking for an ab workout? Wrap them around your shoes and pull back to the ground, then contract the abs to pull your legs and torso up (be mindful of your form so the back won’t complain). Then do a few elbow drops in this position. Curls? Absolutely. Triceps? I’ll give that one a hell yes. Hold one end against your leg above the knee, and use your other hand to pull on the other end of the tubing. Burn baby, burn!

It’s amazing how one piece of equipment can do so many things. And, it’s cheap too. I got one for under 10 bucks to replace my old one. Hard to beat that kind of price 🙂

With that being said, Turbo Fire Upper 20 is a killer workout for the upper body. There are options to modify each move to go stronger or not so strong (we never say weak!), and the burn is very much in evidence, even if it’s only 20 minutes. Chalene uses combination moves, like bicep curls leading straight into shoulder presses. One handed planks allow for inclusion of pull-outs using the other hand and the tubing. On the same DVD Chalene includes a Lower 20 workout for the lower body( I haven’t tried it just yet), as well as a 10 minute stretch.

I never thought I’d be one of those noisy strength trainers, but when you get to the point of muscle failure (and this workout will get you there), it’s hard to stay silent. Fortunately, no one is really that bugged except maybe my cats and husband since this occurs in my  home workout room. Free from the shame 😀

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