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Product review: Spinal Stretch for back pain relief

Over the years that I’ve had issues with my back (slightly herniated L4/L5 disks), one of the concepts that’s proven the most  frustrating is ways to relieve the pain that doesn’t involve me getting into debt. I’ve done therapy sessions for spinal decompression combined with massage, and they were heavenly. However, the price tag was astronomical. But, you do get what you pay for, non-invasive therapy that works wonders (for me anyway). Whoever created this machine should be sainted, seriously:

DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine

I started looking into different options for home remedies for those times that the pain flares up (it’s been ok for a while, by the way, no real complaints) and I don’t want to spend a thousand bucks. Heating pads help, so does topical ointments like Bio Freeze (great stuff). However, I like the idea of being able to actively help the decompression process. This helps my back to feel healthy, and that’s great for me and those around me who are tired of my complaints about pain 😉

One tool a lot of folks find useful is an inversion table. Drawback? You’re upside down for a long period of time. That makes me dizzy, so me no likey. I’ve heard of other products too like Back2Life:

Back2Life Massager

The Back Bubble:

The Back Bubble

and others. I chose the Spinal Stretch:

Spinal Stretch Back Stretcher

It’s pretty low cost (retails for around 100 bucks), and it mimics the DRX9000 in that it pulls the lower body away from the upper, allowing for relief and therapy to take place. Obviously it doesn’t do it at the same level of efficiency and there are no techs standing by waiting to strap you into the machine 🙂 You can use it at home while watching TV or take it with you on a trip. It’s very portable and has its own little bag for transport. Cats may come by to inspect and wonder why you’re lying on the floor, but that’s ok too. For my needs, it’s very well suited.

Treatment options aren’t for every individual, so I highly suggest doing a little research and figuring out what could be right for you.

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