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Product recommendation: Avalon Organics Shampoo and Conditioner, plus a Shakeology update

Avalon Organics Hair Care Line

I’m sure many out there have seen it and tried and are already in the know. For those who haven’t, this stuff is great. It’s also widely available at your favorite drugstores, supermarket chains, and big box retailers.

In my quest for essential oil goodness, I came across this product line. My favorite so far is Strengthening Peppermint. It’s invigorating to the senses, and the ingredient list has very natural items included. The best part? No sulfates or parabens. Way cheaper than the salon stuff, and 70% organic. My husband loved the shampoo also. He says it makes his scalp tingle and his hair feels soft.

Check it out for yourself 🙂

On the Shakeology front, a new flavor is about to makes its presence known this fall:

Introducing... Shakeology Tropical


I’m not a Greenberry fan per se, but I like the idea of a more fruity flavor that I can drink alternately with the Chocolate flavor. Chocolate Shakeology is my first love, but mixing it up is a great idea as well. I’m definitely up for a bag of Tropical sometime soon.

And with that, my Shakeology Chocolate favorite recipe:

  • 1/2 banana (the other half goes to Bear because he loves bananas)
  • 1 TB PB2
  • 1 cup unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 scoop Shakeology chocolate
  • ice
  • 1/4 cup water (to thin it out a bit)

Directions: Blend until smooth and enjoy. If you want a review of Shakeology, I have one that has more ingredient information if you’re interested.

One thing that annoyed me a bit is that I found the Shakeology shaker cup was a little too small to hold this particular recipe. I think it holds either 12 or 16 oz. So, this weekend I went to Wal-Mart and found a shaker cup that holds 20+ oz… for 6 bucks! 🙂 Great buy, most definitely. If I tried to buy a shaker cup at one of these vitamin stores, I’d probably pay 10 bucks or more. No thank you. And, it’s BPA-free. Nice one.

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