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How to open a RAW image created by HELIX in EnCase

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

RAW images can be created by different forensic products with various file extensions like .DD or .001. I use HELIX sometimes for evidence acquisition, and it defaults to .001 and up for every 2 GB image file it creates. Viewing these HELIX-created files in EnCase wasn’t a successful venture for me for a while now. Now, I figured out why, and hopefully this will help other digital forensic analysts out there who are having the same issues.

If you try to open a RAW image file in EnCase, you have a few choices of how you want to open it (Disk, Volume, CD-Rom, etc.). Easy enough. In my example, I had two NTFS partition images (created in HELIX)  from the same drive that I wanted to add to my case as seperate Volumes. However, if you’ve ever tried adding the component files starting from the .001 beginning point (sequential order), you’ve probably run into the issue I did, which is EnCase not recognizing the files and adding them as a single file only.

Here’s my protip: Add the files in reverse order. Let’s say my last file has the extension .027. Click on that file, hold down the Shift key, and then click on the .001 file. This will highlight all the files in between and will successfully add in the files into an EnCase-approved file structure into your case. Now you’re ready to begin your forensic examination.

Sidenote: It would have been nice to have seen these instructions in the EnCase documentation, but I did not see them anywhere.

And if you already knew how to do this, then I bow to you, digital forensics guru 🙂

Angry music suitable for counteraction of that damned beeping outside!

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment


That’s all we can hear outside our office windows this morning. Some mini crane or something is parked out there, and any time the operator backs up, it beeps. I’ve resorted to headphones for the rest of the day.

On the upside, I finally got back to martial arts over the weekend as I’m feeling a whole heckuva lot better healthwise. It felt most excellent to be back into it, I missed it so. This week is stripe testing for the final cycle before quarterly graduation (advancement to the next belt), so it should be extra intense as always. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

So in the vein of angry music, here’s a short list that should counteract the incessant beeping. They’re all on my current METAL playlist and I hope you enjoy 🙂


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Anne McCaffrey, I’m going to miss you so much

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight

The Rowan

She loved cats, I love cats... if you love cats, this series is for you.

I’ve been reading Anne McCaffrey’s books since I was 14 years old. That year, my 8th grade English teacher gifted me her book “Dragonsinger”. It was a reward for having the highest grade in the class. From the second I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. But, being a kid with no money and parents who weren’t too keen on the idea of spending 8 bucks on a paperback, I didn’t get to read her other books. So, as it happens, I forgot all about them.

In college I discovered Half-Priced Books. And, the entire Dragonriders of Pern series for about 10 bucks. So I used some of my hard-earned money slaving away in the kitchen at Chick-fil-A and bought it.

If you’ve never read the Dragonriders books, it’s about a planet called Pern, a destination for a group of colonists from Earth trying to escape the technological and martial wars that were occurring. Pern represented a planet that the colonists could “start over” on, going back to a more agrarian lifestyle instead of pushing ahead with modern technology.

Things were good for a while, until a rogue planet start unleashing a deadly parasitic rain, or Thread, on Pern. Fatalities were high for humans, animals, and vegetative life. They had to come up with a way to combat it or risk annihilation. One of the colonists was a very well known geneticist, and she set to work to create a creature derived from the native dragonets, similar in many respects to the mythical dragons of Earth. And so, the Dragons of Pern were born.

The baby dragons had the ability to impress on one particular person and communicate telepathically with that person and other dragons. In turn, their human partners began to train with them to fight the menace that Thread became to their new home.  The dragons could fly high into the sky and belch flames to burn Thread into nothing. And thus, the Pernese people found a way to save their home from destruction.

To learn more, feel free to pick up a copy or check them out at your local library. And, if you have kids who love to read, The Harper Hall series is perfect for pre-teens. I still read them from time to time myself.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with dragons. I was born in the year of the Dragon, and loved to read stories about them since I was a child. Reading McCaffrey’s books put me back in that frame of mind, and I loved her and them for that.

The Rowan series is another great one from this amazing author. It’s more sci-fi than fantasy in that it tells the story of beings both human and alien that have the ability to teleport and telepath (also known as The Talented). But, in spite of their abilities, they still have to deal with problems just as any non-Talented being does. The books are happy, and sad, and they pull you into the Talents’ stories with great gusto.

So, it is with utter sadness and love that I say, “Anne, may you rest in peace and fly with your Dragons high into the sky”.


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“A service installation section in this INF is invalid”: a fix that worked for me

November 15, 2011 5 comments

Admittedly, Windows XP is an older operating system. However, my forensics laptop has to use it so I can use certain tools for imaging and investigations. Today, in testing an Android tablet, I was encountering the following error when trying to connect:

“A service installation section in this INF is invalid

So I said ok, this tablet doesn’t come with drivers on a CD, let me check out the manufacturer’s website to download the INF file. Easy enough. However, Windows kept giving me grief saying that it could not find it in the directory I downloaded it to.

In looking for a fix, I found options like editing the registry to modifying the INF file in Windows.  However, in the end, what fixed it was installing the Microsoft User Mode Driver Framework for WinXP. It can be found here.

Thanks to the following post for help:

So, if you encounter this error in WinXP, perhaps it may help. I can’t vouch for Win 7 🙂

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Turbo Fire Lower 20 workout review: “mah legs, they hurt!!!”

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

If you’re like me and don’t have tons to time to get long workouts in every day and are looking for a good lower body workout, this is for you. All you need are the following:

  • Resistance lower body band
  • Mat
  • and yes, the Turbo Fire workouts

Lower body resistance band; Looks innocent, but it’s so not


So if you’ve never seen one of these bands, I included a picture above. Looks pretty benign, doesn’t it? Tie each end into a knot (make sure it doesn’t loosen). Then, put it around your ankles and try to lift one leg to the side, then the other alternately. You should start to feel the burn very quick.

The workout uses the move I described above, along with others to firm and strengthen the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. In Turbo Fire (along with martial arts), it’s a good idea to strengthen these muscles in order to get more range of motion when doing kicks, knee strikes, roundhouses, and other types of moves involving the lower body. Plus, firming the booty isn’t a bad thing either, is it 😉

What I like about the resistance band is it’s very inexpensive and portable. What I also like about it is it is so effective in building the strength and muscle I need to get through my workouts.

On the DVD, the Turbo Fire  Upper 20 workout plus a 10 minute stretch is also included. That’s all over strength training without having to leave home or buy really expensive equipment. Gotta love that.

That’s class, man… seriously

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been out for about a week from martial arts due to a chest infection/cold. It’s hard to do cardio when the coughs get violent and it’s hard to breathe, and, I don’t like the idea of getting others sick. In class you’re in close proximity to folks so there’s the potential to spread it around. So, in the meantime I’ve been working out at home doing strength training and Pilates (Crunch SuperSlimDown FTW!). It’s funny because any time I’m lying down on my mat, Powa has to come by to sniff at my hair. I don’t know if she thinks I need a bath or what, but it never fails.

Now, if you don’t go to the gym for a bit, there’s no one there to really be accountable to. They got your money, and that’s all that matters. If you don’t go for months, it’s no big deal since they got theirs, know whut I mean?

I got a call last night from my martial arts school, asking if everything is ok since I hadn’t been in class for the past week. That is very cool, to know that my absence was noted. It’s a personal, classy touch, and I dig it.

So hopefully I feel well enough today to at least get through Kickboxing. I’m not too sure about Krav Maga since I’m not all the way up to snuff yet, but I think I’m past the contagious stage finally 🙂

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