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That’s class, man… seriously

I’ve been out for about a week from martial arts due to a chest infection/cold. It’s hard to do cardio when the coughs get violent and it’s hard to breathe, and, I don’t like the idea of getting others sick. In class you’re in close proximity to folks so there’s the potential to spread it around. So, in the meantime I’ve been working out at home doing strength training and Pilates (Crunch SuperSlimDown FTW!). It’s funny because any time I’m lying down on my mat, Powa has to come by to sniff at my hair. I don’t know if she thinks I need a bath or what, but it never fails.

Now, if you don’t go to the gym for a bit, there’s no one there to really be accountable to. They got your money, and that’s all that matters. If you don’t go for months, it’s no big deal since they got theirs, know whut I mean?

I got a call last night from my martial arts school, asking if everything is ok since I hadn’t been in class for the past week. That is very cool, to know that my absence was noted. It’s a personal, classy touch, and I dig it.

So hopefully I feel well enough today to at least get through Kickboxing. I’m not too sure about Krav Maga since I’m not all the way up to snuff yet, but I think I’m past the contagious stage finally 🙂

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