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It’s been a while since I rapped at ya…

That Jim Anchower… funny funny guy (http://www.theonion.com/personalities/jim-anchower,1020/).

So where to begin. I haven’t done much cooking lately as the semester has gone into full swing in record time. This semester I’ll be finishing up my core requirements, so that makes me happy. It’s been a long road, but worthy.

I made purple belt finally, which allows me to attend Kung Fu classes in addition to Kickboxing and Krav Maga (the three K’s right?) I’ve done a few classes, and love it. This quarter we’re going to be using tonfas, so that should prove interesting. I’ve ordered mine, but they’re still “In Transit”. I hate that phrase, don’t you? Here’s a pic of a set of tonfas:

Tonfas are a traditional Okinawan weapn used for blocking and striking. Unlike police nightsticks, tonfas are traditionally wielded in pairs.

I also finally ordered Les Mills’ Pump. It arrived yesterday, and Powa gave her approval right away:

Powa approves of the purchase of Les Mills’ Pump

It comes with a workout calendar and nutrition guide, plus the bar, weight plates, clips, and DVDs. I didn’t get the Deluxe version with the step because in my mind, it’s cheaper to buy that locally. I’m looking forward to trying it out tonight.  If you want more info, feel free to check out their site. And, here’s the intro video again:

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