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Les Mills Pump… review so far (4 days in)

Ahhhh… it’s so nice not to have to fight for a space or equipment in a crowded class. I do have to kick my two cats and dog out of my workout room though just in case one of them decides to walk under the bar… can’t have them getting hurt. My one wish is that BeachBody would have included the 2.5 lb weights in addition to the 5 and 10s. But, that can be remedied later.

So, the first few workouts in the Pump lineup include Pump Challenge (20 minutes), and Pump Flow (more of a Yoga/stretch, also 20 minutes). On the 90 day workout schedule they’ve noted 30 and 45 minute “WALK” sessions, which should be sessions of power walking. But, as I was up at 5am during this portion, I really didn’t feel like going outside in the cold and the dark. It’s nice, bright, and warm inside the house, and no one has to see me in my workout gear except my husband and the critters 😀

Challenge and Flow are  short workouts, but effective as a way to ease into the longer routines. You get your shoulder work, squats, lunges, triceps, and chest workouts in just 20 minutes in Challenge. Watch out for the clean and press if you’re not used to it. Bad form can cause injury especially in that particular move. There’s always one of the four trainers demonstrating alternate moves using the bar as support if you’re not up to using weights for squats and lunges yet. Flow is more Yoga oriented for stretching the muscles you’re working in the other classes for flexibility, and it’s a nice cooldown as well.

Enter Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 3 as my WALK substitute, which is a good 50 minutes. I think my greatest challenge will be actually getting up at 5am as I am not a morning person. Also, I tried to scarf down an egg white omelette after, and the tummy wasn’t too happy. Normally I don’t eat until I get to the office (Shakeology/Luna bars FTW!), but I figure the faster I get the protein in the better for the post workout soreness.

I’m looking forward to getting stronger, faster, and leaner, which I’ll need on my quest for black belt excellence. Kung Fu on Saturday proved that I definitely need more flexibility to get further down on the splits and the horse stance.

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