First World Problems

A list:

  1. Still in search of a hair stylist. I’ve been to three different salons in the past six months and still haven’t found my “home”. Here’s a tip for curly hair: If you go get a haircut, ask them to cut it when it’s dry. As we all know, curly hair tends to straighten out and give the illusion of being longer than it really is when it’s wet. So, if it’s dry when cut, you’ll get a much better idea of how your style will look when you get home.
  2. Should I make that lemon cake this weekend or not? It’s pretty labor intensive.
  3. Will it stop raining before I go to martial arts tonight? Sources say probably not.

Again, first world problems.

The bane of my existence right now is the Horse Stance. We use it in Kung Fu as an almost meditative pose. It makes the quad muscles hurt something fierce, but it’s supposed to be less painful the longer you do it as those muscles get stronger and more flexible. In the black belt tests, depending on degree one may have to hold it anywhere from one minute to ten full minutes. Wow… one would really have to go deep into their happy place to last that long.

The stronger your legs become, the easier it gets… or so they say šŸ˜›

Since last night was Kung Fu, tonight is Krav Maga. This song always reminds me of that class in particular:

Rock on.

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