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Movie review: The Hunger Games (spoilers possible)

The one thing I have to recommend for those of you opting to watch it is this: I don’t recommend it for children. It is very violent, and young folks do get killed in brutal ways. There were some kids in the screening I went to that had to be carried out crying during the most brutal scenes. Again, just a recommendation.

When I read the book some months back, I could definitely see how Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, despite being some years older than the character in the book (21 vs 16). She has a quiet dignity and never seems to be trying too hard, as is what happens with starlets too often when the talent isn’t there. Lawrence has acting chops to spare. I’m not sure why Liam Hemsworth (Gale)  figures so much in the trailers as Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) has way more screen time, but it’s pretty obvious the filmmakers knew who their target audience likes.

Suzanne Collins helped adapt the screenplay, and I think it was able to get the major points of the book across successfully. I get more of a Philip K. Dick vibe from her books and this movie (almost felt like watching The Running Man or Total Recall again afterwards, followed by Minority Report), and I’m not averse to that. The idea that, in the future, a proletariat could try to rise against the powers that be and have to choose between having scores massacred as punishment or make the choice of sending a girl and a boy as tributes to fight to the death. The idea of a child having the ability to slaughter other humans… very disturbing, but isn’t a foreign concept, unfortunately.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. Go watch it and get comfy in your seat, because it clocks in at 142 minutes.

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