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Some thoughts/recommendations regarding Les Mills Pump

A few members of the Les Mills Pump Pro Team. Very inspiring.

Stay hungry for results!

I think the same can be said for just about anything, but it’s worth mentioning. Let’s say you start with 5 lbs on each side of the bar. You get used to it and think “Hey, this is a good spot to be in. I’m comfortable, not in pain, and I can do it.”

That comfort zone, unfortunately, won’t get you stronger and to the next level of the body’s transformation. I say that because I was also getting into a comfort zone now a month or so in. Unfortunately, that’s not the way to see results. So, I got some more weights to load up the bar. If the body is to change, so does the mindset. It was agony getting through my first session of Pump Extreme yesterday with the additional weight, but I got through it. Now, I feel good. Sore as heck, but good.

Pump Extreme has a similar format to Pump Revolution as far as the tracks are concerned, but the actual exercises are somewhat different in some of the tracks. For example, for the triceps track the bar is not used at all, more Mac raises for shoulders, and some additional abdominal exercises to burn through your core.

I’m not going to lie, adding Pump to my routine of martial arts can be challenging, especially if I need to stay in Horse stance with a staff perched on my quads for balance/control work in Kung Fu and my legs are already shaking because of Pump. But, combining my two all time favorite methods of fitness feels so good and so right, even with the soreness.

Les Mills Pump’s motto is “Kia Kaha”. It means “Be Strong” in Maori, and it’s absolutely true. To be strong means enduring even if you (and I) don’t feel like it.


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