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My favorite post workout meal

It’s Mother’s Day, and it’s almost time to go pay homage to the one who birthed me (also, happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there :)). So, to that end, the Sunday workout needed to happen early. Today’s double feature consisted of:

  • Turbo Fire 45 EZ
  • Les Mills Pump and Shred

Chalene, you kick my behind every time. Pump and Shred doesn’t include the triceps and biceps tracks, but I got the legs and back covered just fine.

Fortunately, yesterday I was in a chicken salad making mood. And, the great thing is you can throw in seasonal fruit for an extra kick. My father in law gifted us with a delicious sweet pineapple, so I cut some up for a little tang. Boo ya:

chicken salad, a little garden salad, and cottage cheese. All the good things to fuel a body post workout

There’s a little spot near my house called Pick A Salad. They make the most delicious chicken salad with pecans and grapes. If I’m out and about and need to pick something up, that’s my first choice. South Texas gets really hot and humid in the spring and summer, so you’ll usually find me noshing on cold things. Keeps me sane in the heat.

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