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A sense of accomplishment – Rainbow Dragon (Dragonvale)

I’ve been playing Dragonvale on and off for a few months now (available for iPad and iPhone via the App Store). It’s taken me pretty much that long to finally get the rarest of the rare –  the Rainbow Dragon:

Rainbow Dragon Egg


It took 48 hours breeding time plus 48 hours incubation in the nursery. As far as what dragon combination I used, I believe it was Blue Fire and Fog. I’m only positive about Fog though.  There are lots of different combinations mentioned in the Dragonvale Wiki:


And introducing… Rex the Rainbow Dragon 🙂



Dragonvale is a game suitable for all ages. The idea behind it is you build a sort of amusement park and breed all sorts of different kinds of dragons. However, be advised that there are purchases that can be made in-game for jewels and eggs. So, if your kids want to play, I highly suggest disabling in game purchases. The great thing is you don’t have to be constantly checking on your dragons because they need to eat (although you will get notices saying your dragons miss you :))

So have fun and if you have any questions about possible breeding combinations, feel free to drop me a line.

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