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Game of Thrones episode review: Valar Morghulis (spoilers abound)

Since this episode was the Season 2 finale, I’m going to go by character as far as my personal observations are concerned first off. If I don’t mention major characters, I didn’t really think much of their scenes:

  • Daenerys-House of the Undying: It’s never a bad thing to see Khal Drogo again, but this whole scene was so different from the book’s depiction (A Clash of Kings), that I really had to process it for a bit in my head. The dragons missed her so. It was right in the end that Drogon burn Pyat Pree to cinders.
  • Arya/Jaqen H’gar – short but sweet scene. He wants her to go with him, she says she can’t. This strays from the book somewhat, but I still liked it. Valar Morghulis!
  • Tyrion – First appearance of tears in my eyes in his scene with Shae. Dinklage, you are excellent, sir.
  • Joffrey – Leave Sansa alone already! Margarey really wants you, man! Plus, the Queen of Thorns will be by shortly. I will relish that moment.
  • Theon – Alfie Allen had a strong few scenes here, first with Maester Luwin, then during his speech. Next season should be pretty horrific for him.
  • Sansa – That little smile she had when Joffrey said he’d marry Margarey was so right on. I tend not to be a huge Sansa fan, but I’m glad she got some of her own back here.
  • Luwin – Dude, you made me cry for the second time this episode. I’ll miss you!
  • Brienne and Jamie – Wow… Brienne really put a hurt on that one guy. I think Jamie is somewhat intrigued, no matter how many insults he hurls her way.
  • Sam – Run Sam, Run! Grenn and Edd just totally left him behind, although he could have at least tried to run after them. It’s not like the White Walkers/The Others were running or anything. They’re not the most athletic zombies I guess. Dolorous Edd is one of my favorite characters so I’ll need to forgive him before next season. He’s like Eeyore in human form.

Wasn’t Dany’s and Khal Drogo’s baby cute, though?

The Drogos together, if for a little while.

Best line of the episode came from Khal Drogo:

“These are questions for wise men with skinny arms.”

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