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Les Mills Pump Extreme (workout review)

Rachael and Dan working through the Biceps track. Tough stuff 🙂

The Les Mills Pump Revolution workout introduced the addition of a few extra tracks for the upper body; mainly, the biceps and triceps track. Pump Extreme uses the same model, only some of the exercises are changed up. In the triceps track, no bar is used. Instead, the smaller plates are uses for hinge extensions (when you extend your arm out with the plate till it’s parallel to the floor), and the bigger plates (if you choose to go heavier) for the overhead extension.

In the abdominals track, no hover movements, but it’s still effective so long as you pull your core muscles in.

As always, the trainers  are very motivating and easy going, and you always have one that will do a modified version of the workout, with smaller weights (Jericho is the modifier here).

I have a few tips for those new to the game to prevent injury:

  1. Never have your legs fully straight during deadlifts. Always have your knees bent when you’re coming down and have a little bend when you’re straight up again. Bending your knees helps to keep the action out of the lower back, which could start to get painful.
  2. Brace the core muscles throughout the workout. This will help keep your posture upright and take any tension out of the lower back muscles. This is especially true during the chest and abs tracks when you’re lying down. The tendency when the legs are raised to a 90 degree angle is for the lower back to want to rise up off the floor when you want your toes to touch the floor. Push your low back down flat against the ground, squeeze the abs and you’ll feel the burn where you’re supposed to. Now you’re on your way to a nice six pack 😉
  3. Watch your form and keep your shoulders back. If you happen to have a mirror handy in your workout room, use it to check your form and stance. That’s always beneficial because you will know what to correct. At home there are no real life trainers to tell you what to do, so you have to take it upon yourself to do the corrections necessary when they’re needed. After doing the workouts for a while, you’ll start to know pretty quickly when your stance is going south and make the corrections. A lot of folks in the fitness game will tell you “you are your own personal trainer”. That is very much true, in my personal opinion.
  4. If you feel like the weights are getting too heavy, feel free to put them down at any time. Better to put them down than to cause an injury that will put you out of commission trying to push a weight that’s way too heavy. In the squat/lunge tracks, put the bar down completely and work on form if you need to. The weights can always come later.
  5. Don’t let your knees go past your toes during squats. Pretend like you’re sitting down in a chair during the squat track, and this will help keep the knees aligned with the toes. Aligning the knees with the toes comes in handy also during lunges, when the main goal is to keep a 90/90 degree stance. The trainers will mention 90/90 when the lunges begin, and then it’s off to burn land.

I think that’s pretty much it as far as my review is concerned. The above tips I mentioned can also be used if you happen to take Body Pump at the gym. It’s hard for an instructor to go around and correct stances when they have to be at the front of the class demonstrating, so if you are in class, use the mirrors around you and the above tips to keep your workout safe from injury. Your back and knees will absolutely thank you 🙂

  1. April 19, 2018 at 7:22 AM

    Les Mills Pump Extreme was one of the best Workout programmes ever! Soo much fun! Too bad that Reebok bought them out…

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