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Hydration and its importance in an intense workout

As you know, we’re in the tail end of spring. Springtime in South Texas has a nasty habit of combining 100% humidity with high temperatures, so as you’re walking to and from anywhere, you could very possibly be drenched in sweat. I’m a native to these parts, but it never gets easier. I think the older I get the more I complain about it, but that stands to reason, I suppose.

I take classes in the early evening at a martial arts dojo, usually two back to back at a time. For example, one day it can be Kickboxing then Kung Fu, or Kickboxing then Krav Maga. Think about a situation where the thermostat reads about 78 degrees in a room, only there’s about 40-50 folks in that room and they’re working out with much intensity. Stands to reason it gets really hot, right? You’re absolutely correct, it does.

That being said, it’s very important to keep hydrated before, during, and after class. I learned this the hard way recently, as I had a few bouts of dizziness during the workouts. I didn’t even realize that my fluid intake could have even been the problem until our instructor reminded us about increasing hydration levels to stay on point. So, instead of taking a 32 oz bottle of water, I take a half gallon jug and an extra bottle of Powerade to sip on occasionally. No more dizzies, and I’m getting electrolytes, which is what plants crave (just kidding):

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