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The Number 1 reason to watch True Blood


Alexander Skarsgard

I’m not overly fond of the black tank tops Eric Northman tends to wear, but man, he’s smooth no matter what. I’d say in the vampire universe he’s the top of the charts, followed by Gary Oldman *swoon*:

Gary Oldman as Dracula… excellent movie. Well, except for Keanu and Winona anyway.

I don’t know how she resists, for real. Do you?

I’m really enjoying the HBO Go app for the iPad and XBox 360. Some of the content goes back 10 years + to my old favorites. Full seasons of Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and comedy specials, unedited, all great things. It’s also cool to watch shows I missed the first time around, like the Generation Kill miniseries. Normally I’m not one for war shows, but this one is pretty decent. The creators of The Wire also made it, and Skarsgard starred in it before he got the part in True Blood. I swear, to hear him speak you’d be 100% convinced he is American instead of Swedish.

The story behind Generation Kill is pretty simple: a Rolling Stone reporter is embedded with a unit of the 1st Recon Marines during the first wave of the assault on Iraq in 2003. Generation Kill chronicles his experiences with the men, and not just the good times either. It’s not as harrowing to watch as Saving Private Ryan, but there are scenes of gore (come on, it’s HBO after all).

Sure, he’s amazing to look at, but homie’s got his acting skills down too. He ain’t just a pretty face and body 😉

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