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Updates/ an awesome cake recipe

September 25, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Normally I don’t have much issue getting my posts uploaded. However, the last few weeks it’s been tough because the host wasn’t working right. So, I’ve been a bit behind.

Updates: Well, I started running again. I feel like I should start entering some races here and there in a couple months once I get my time back up to speed. Winter’s the nicest time to run down here because it can get a wee bit chilly, but not for long. Plus, it is part of the black belt test at my school, so I need to get my stamina, endurance and speed ready in preparation.

Second update: Back in school again. This time around, I’m taking a cryptography class. It’s pretty interesting, but involves a lot of linear algebra. I haven’t seen that stuff for years, so here I am relearning what I had already unlearned, so to speak.

I haven’t been cooking much lately, although I did make this wonderful chocolate turtle cake recipe from Betty Crocker. I highly recommend it. A couple of recommendations: Go easy on the caramel sauce, and I don’t really think you need the extra chopped turtles in the middle. Here’s why:

See how the caramel sauce pools at the bottom in my version (above photo)? Not cool, compared to the picture on the Betty Crocker website:

The right way to do caramel. Isn’t that pretty?

I’m trying to be a good little warrior, so I made the cake for my nephew’s birthday party and left the remains at my mother’s house. It was hard not thinking about the goodness later with a glass of milk, but it had to be done. I recommend it for holiday gatherings, or any time you feel like having some awesome chocolate cake. It’s not overly sweet, and you can even use sugar free turtles for the topping without anyone really noticing. That is, unless you know folks sensitive to Splenda.

Interesting that a rich chocolate cake and words about fitness make it onto the same post somehow, but that’s how I do things sometimes 😉

I like how the dulce de leche blends well with the frosting and doesn’t overpower the overall flavor of the cake. Plus, using semisweet chocolate chips and a wee teaspoon of coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor without too much sweetness.

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