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Some New Additions to Dragonvale (pics included)

Now that it’s close to Halloween, Dragonvale brought back an old favorite: the Bone Dragon. It’s only available until November 5th, so time is ticking if you want one. Lava + Mountain was the combo I used:

Lava + Mountain = Bone

To continue along the Halloween motif, there is also a Ghost Dragon, also only available until November 5th. Mine lives with my Paper  Dragon, another cool addition to Dragonvale. Reminds me a bit of Sakura and Panlong. For ghost, Mud and Cold worked. Unfortunately, Paper Dragon is now expired, and I’m not sure when it’s coming back 😦

Paper Dragon and Ghost Dragon

An older dragon that’s eluded me for a while has been Sun. I was actually trying for another dragon, and lucked out with Storm + Lightning. A lot of folks say that the time you breed affects which dragon you get, as in 7am – 7pm would be Sun, and 7pm – 7am for Moon, but I’m not completely sure. It’s nice though, finally seeing him with Lady Moon:

Storm + Lightning = Sun. Here he is hanging with Moon and some other friends

Finally, we have the Ash Dragon. He looks a little derpy, but fun. I’ve won some races at the track with him, so he’s a good addition overall:

Plant + Lightning = Ash

Just for fun, I decided to include a pic of my Gem Island. Pearl, Peridot, Opal, Sapphire, and Ruby are residents on the island. However, because each one is only available for its corresponding month, I don’t want to include combos aside from Opal (Lava + Mud) available for October. You have a week and change to try for it, and then the November gem dragon will take over (Topaz):

Opal for October = Mud + Lava

Best of luck getting your Dragon friends 🙂

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