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Happy New Year and all that good stuff

Fresh off a little vacation, and I’m “almost” ready to tackle a new semester. Listed are a few of my vacation activities:

  1. Rewatched a few seasons of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. I love this show. Vote for Knope 2012!
  2. Spent hours playing Rock Band 2 and Wii Sports. This also includes almost breaking my husband’s new TV by smacking it with a little racquet that attaches to the Wii controller while playing Tennis. Wicked forehand, I guess (hah!) Thank the maker for Gorilla glass, or I’d be in major trouble.
  3. Much shopping. Tis the season to fight off crazy shoppers at the mall for Christmas gifts.
  4. Baked tons of cookies (see Neiman Marcus cookie recipe for more details)
  5. Family get-togethers
  6. Attempted to make some tamales. The first batch (chicken) were awful, truly awful. The second batch (pork) was a lot better. I slow-cooked a pork shoulder for about 8 or 9 hours until the meat fell off the bone. Half went to the tamales, the other half we used for pulled pork sandwiches. Delicious!
  7. After a few days of laziness, got back into my Les Mills Pump/ some type of cardio routine, up to and including:
  8. Running a 5K race on Sunday. My time was pretty crappy, but it was actually a decent improvement to the last race I ran a few weeks ago. Shoot, I hadn’t run any races probably since about two years ago, so I’m just happy I finished.

I was really surprised I improved considering it was pretty cold, my phone died on me at the start of the race (no music!), and I was having a hard time getting up and out the door that morning prior to the start. I hope to run a few more races in the spring, maybe some longer distances. Major props and love to my husband also for getting up and freezing his hind end off to cheer me on at the finish line. Such a trouper 🙂

I hope you and yours had great holidays or at least some relaxing time off from work. Everybody needs some relaxation away from the daily grind. Keeps us worker bees sane 🙂

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