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Dunk and Egg, plus a Game of Thrones recap (And Now His Watch has Ended)

Love these books :)

Love these books 🙂

Over the weekend I finished the Dunk & Egg novellas… well, the ones written so far. In order, the publication list is as follows:

  1. The Hedge Knight (Legends)
  2. The Sworn Sword (Legends II)
  3. The Mystery Knight (Warriors I)

George R. R. Martin has said that he plans to write many more novellas to flesh out this particular story. It’s set in Westeros about 100 years before Game of Thrones, and tells the story of Dunk (or Ser Duncan the Tall), a hedge knight getting into misadventures with his special squire, Egg. Why he’s special is something you have to read for yourself. I highly recommend these books also because there’s some great stories by other fantasy writers like Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, and my girl for all time, Anne McCaffrey. Any book that includes something from the Pern series is entirely read-worthy in my humble opinion.

So, onto Game of Thrones. Here are my thoughts:

  • Theon has the worst luck around. He met one of the most sinister characters in the series, who looks as innocent as can be. I almost feel sorry for Theon.
  • I don’t remember Varys keeping his tormentor in a box from the books. Did I miss something?
  • Commander Mormont is no more. That is still such a bummer to me. Craster I won’t miss, obviously.
  • Ha ha, Dany fooled the slaver (surprise to no one). She, like, can totally understand and speak Valyrian, man. Freak out. Plus, she does what she set out to do, acquire an army of free men who would die for her, not because she owns them, but through their own free will. And, her dragon got a nice kebab out of the situation.
  • So the Hound will match up with Beric Dondarrion (in the next episode). This should prove interesting.

My feelings for Jaime Lannister are very different I think than a lot of people. Normally people love to hate him. I actually don’t. I find him one of the more interesting, and ultimately well meaning characters in the series, even though he can still be a doody-head. He killed the Mad King (Aerys) to prevent Kings Landing from being destroyed by pyromancers, but this isn’t something that’s widely known in Westeros. And so, he continues as the Kingslayer without the truth coming forth.

True, he’s in an incestuous relationship with Cersei, but he has always loved and protected his younger brother Tyrion from the blame and hatred their father Tywin harbors for his role in their mother’s death (she died while giving birth to Tyrion). And true, he fathered another crazy loon who sits on the Iron Throne (I’m looking at YOU, Joffrey), but he tries to protect Brienne when the men try to rape her. See how it’s a back and forth kind situation with Jaime? I want to hate him, but he does too many good things to do so.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens next week.

  1. April 22, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    It seems like the show is really trying to make Theon a sympathetic character, and I think it’s working. Theon’s line about “my real father” referring to Ned Stark definitely wasn’t in the books. Makes his ultimate fate all the sadder. On that subject, I can already tell the guy they got to play ______ , Theon’s still unnamed tormentor, is going to be amazing.

    • Jen
      April 22, 2013 at 10:14 AM

      Totally. That line about Ned about broke my heart. It’s as if he resented/hated Robb, not because he’s a Stark, but because he’s his son’s father. Theon’s own father is a butthead to him, but Ned was always kind.

      Yep, this is reeking of untold torment for Theon. I find it hard to watch his scenes unless I know he’s not going to get mutilated in some way.

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