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Game of Thrones – “The Rains of Castamere” (spoilers)

Ah, Robb and Cat, we knew ye well

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve read the books prior to watching the second season. However, that didn’t prepare me for this episode. Readers of the books have heard of an event called The Red Wedding, but show viewers without this prior knowledge probably didn’t know what that meant. Well friends, this episode brought it vividly to life.

So what were some of the events that foreshadowed doom… let’s count them down:

  • Roose Bolton wearing chain mail under his clothes
  • Robb and Talisa wanting to name their child Ned. NED? Do they not remember what happened to the first Ned???
  • Cat recognizing the song the minstrels were playing (The Rains of Castamere). That was probably the worst one.

So, that being said, was this a hit orchestrated by Walder Frey alone, getting revenge on Robb for not marrying his daughter, or was he in cahoots with Tywin Lannister? Joffrey’s a vengeful psychotic little urchin, could it have been him?

I knew Talisa had to go, as she was pregnant with Robb’s child. But, it was so hard to watch Cat dying as Roose stabbed Robb in the heart, even before her own throat was slit. All life as she knew it was gone, as she still didn’t know that Rickon, Bran, and Arya were still alive. She knew Sansa was, but no one really gives a damn about her at this point, do they?

I shed tears. If Michelle Fairley doesn’t get nominated for an Emmy for her performance in this episode as Cat, I don’t know who should. Damn, she got me good.

I’m not even going to bother getting into the rest of the episode, because The Red Wedding took everything I had in that one 10 minute segment. There’s some direwolf action, some Daario Naharis action, and Bran tells Hodor to stop Hodoring so much.

So, one episode left in the season. Better watch!

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