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I finally understand why Under Armour Heat Gear works so well (and a short note on Valentine’s Day)

February 18, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Whenever I’m at the dojo, it’s always a time where I’m guaranteed to sweat a ton (always a great thing). Unfortunately, I hadn’t found the right compression workout wear to wear underneath my uniform to keep me cool and moving, much less somewhat sweat-free. I’ve tried numerous brands from Adidas and Nike to Starter and Rawlings. Some got me overheated, others really didn’t do much to wick away sweat.

Over the weekend, I decided to check into Under Armour, a brand I’d been avoiding for a while. It seemed that every time I’d go casually check out their stuff, it was always so pricy and I wasn’t convinced that the Heat Gear really worked all that well. Sports Authority (my new home away from home) had some compression Heat Gear tops for about 24 bucks when I’d seen them online for 40, so I bought a compression top and shorts. Plus, I had a coupon 🙂

Holy. Cow. This stuff really works.

I didn’t feel overheated like I did with other compression tops during or after the workout, and my muscles definitely weren’t as sore either. So yeah, if you live in a warm climate like I do and work out a lot, consider Under Armour Heat Gear. It’s so worth it.

As per Valentine’s Day, I hope you and yours had a great one. My wonderful husband surprised me with a fragrance I’d been eyeing for months, and he was damn sneaky about it too. There I was buying some essentials at Ulta (another one of my favorite haunts), and somehow he got to the counter with it without setting off my radar. I must’ve been lost in thought in the nail polish section.

He’s such a bum, but in all the best ways.

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