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Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper review (spoilers)

Ser Pounce! We’ve been waiting for you.

There are a lot of differences in what happens in the books compared to the series. This is pretty much a given. This episode in particular however, took that concept and ran a marathon with it. If you haven’t read ASOIAF, you’re probably better off at this point because nothing is as it seems. Bran is getting into trouble, the White Walkers don’t prove to be very good nannies, Dany’s got her own sigil up and running finally, and Jaime is getting pimp slapped with his own hand.

I was disappointed that the show had Olenna (Queen of Thorns) directly admit to Margery that she had Joffrey killed, with Littlefinger telling Sansa that he had the necklace of death made for this purpose.The books make allusions to this, but Martin makes the reader work to get to that conclusion. The series doesn’t feel the need to do this, and that’s kind of a bummer for me personally. But oh well, now you know the queen of Thorns and Baelish did it. Hurray.

In his view, Baelish’s relationship with the Lannisters is no longer profitable, but the Tyrells suit his ambition quite nicely. He wants it all, and he’ll jump from side to side to get it. I get it, but it also makes me detest him more. If loyalty can be bought, then the concept is moot.

Tommen is still young, but Margaery and Olenna know that if she doesn’t work some mojo with him, Cersei is going to turn him against her and she needs to be married to the King. He’s young still so she keeps her clandestine visit to him G rated, and I’m glad. He’s nothing like Joffrey, and so with him on the Iron Throne things won’t be so bloody as per the Lannisters for a bit.


Still pretty ticked off at the rape scene from last week. Jaime didn’t rape Cersei in the books, and I don’t know why the creators felt the need to go there. So unnecessary.

That’s not to say Jaime doesn’t redeem himself a bit in this episode. He gives Brienne all sorts of gifts including the sword his father had forged out of Ned Stark’s greatsword Ice. She promptly renames it Oathkeeper and swears to use it in her quest to find Sansa and protect her. Brienne made that promise to Catelynn Stark and intents to keep it no matter what. Jaime’s promise as head of the Kingsguard is to protect the King, so it’s fitting that the episode is called “Oathkeeper”; everyone’s got oaths to uphold.

As yet another going away present Jaime also give her Podrick as her squire. This gets him out of Kings Landing and away from Cersei’s increasingly paranoid and maniacal quest to find out who killed Joffrey, and her need to pin it on Tyrion to finally get her chance to have him killed. Podrick’s association with Tyrion puts him in danger’s way, so it’s right that he leaves. Brienne doesn’t want him at first, but she can’t refuse Jaime. That last look she shoots him as she rides away says it all I think.

Huge spoiler here: you the viewer also find out how little Whitewalkers are made directly. Their Whitewalker nannies take Craster’s daughters’ newborn boys and give them a little tap on the head (actually, it was the Night’s King). Easy peasy. I reveal this because it is another event hinted at the in the books but is laid flat out here. Now everyone knows.

What the hell is Bran doing by Craster’s Keep anyway? Ugh, I can’t with all changes and reveals in this episode. Excuse me while I go take a walk and simmah down nao.


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