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A gentle Hatha Yoga flow practice that can literally put you to sleep (video included)

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

I think the yogini’s name is Sarah Holmes. I almost fell asleep while trying this practice out yesterday, her voice is so soothing and mellow. It is still considered Hatha, with a few Warriors, Needles, and Pigeon poses thrown in for a nice stretch. I highly recommend it. Enjoy:

That channel has tons of different types of Yoga practices so if you find it to not be challenging or long enough (clocks in around 42 minutes), there are definitely options to be found. And the best part is it’s all free.

Also, if you ever have problems getting to sleep, I recommend this Yoga Nidra video. You don’t have to do anything other than listen to the video, and lie down in a comfortable spot with some blankets as the body temp will go down. I listen to it sometimes when I go to bed, and I have yet to make it past the five minute mark. Next thing I know it’s morning, my earbuds are still in, and the cats are complaining that breakfast is late. Good stuff for relaxation and sleep:

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New trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron and why I miss Agent Carter

March 5, 2015 Leave a comment

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Agent Carter, you missed an excellent show. Set in the late 40s after Captain America vanished, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) moves to NYC to continue her work for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), the precurser to S.H.I.E.L.D. She isn’t taken very seriously by her male counterparts, but she lives with it as secretly she’s helping Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father if you will recall) as he’s found himself framed for being a weapons supplier to some pretty bad blokes. Stark’s butler (Edwin Jarvis) helps her on a pretty consistent basis.

Agent Carter is/was a great show all around. The storylines were top notch, the costuming and set designs were set in brilliant colors, and it was true to the time period in pretty much every way. Plus (and this is a big plus for me), Peggy shows that a woman even in the 40s can handle herself and deliver some ass-kicking when needed. if you have the ABC Go app, you can still watch it online until Netflix releases it. Hopefully there will be a season 2.

Here’s a behind the scenes looks at Agent Carter:

Party Girl – A flashback to 90s indie movies and house music

March 2, 2015 Leave a comment

Love this movie and Parker Posey (the original Indie Queen) in it. And the soundtrack… let’s just say that certain tracks remain in one of my running playlists for a very good reason. So get out your club gear and shake your moneymaker, Miss Fierce 😉

Included here is the trailer for Party Girl plus some house cuts that were on the soundtrack. Essential viewing and essential listening.

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