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Mad Max: Fury Road (a review, spoilers possible)

So what’s to be said about Mad Max. You know the backstory – rogue wanderer of the wastelands trying to do things. All caught up? Good. So forget everything you remember about the previous 3 films except Tina Turner’s fabulousness, and go into this one with eyes wide open. This is a different Max from George Miller; this Max (Tom Hardy) does his thing, but isn’t out front and center. That role belongs to Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a one armed soldier slave gone rogue who is trying to smuggle out the piece of crap warlord’s harem of wives back to her home of greener pastures for a better life.

Don’t get me wrong; Hardy plays a mean Max. In fact, here he’s meaner and more of an antihero than before. However, that plays well into the story when it comes time for redemption. It’s more hard-won.

I like that this film gives me the same vibes as the Alien movies: Furiosa, like Ellen Ripley before her, can hold her own against crazy odds and doesn’t play the scared victim part well. To me that’s great because that’s the norm for most high-octane action movies. Guys want to be the heroes, and the girls want to get with the heroes. Mad Max spins that idea completely around on its heel and gives the ladies the glory of the fight.

It’s a Mad Mad world, and George Miller gives it to the audience old school-style; a lot of real explosions, stunt work, and crazy souped up cars against a wasteland landscape. There is some CGI (and you’ll be able to tell where pretty easily), but it’s used very sparingly. This is like an outback western from the future apocalypse to come.

Whatever you do, make sure you get your snacks and bathroom duties out of the way before the show because you’re not going to want to leave your seat for anything.

George Miller, you’re still the master. This is the same guy who brought you the original Max movies as well as Happy Feet and Babe. He can spin a yarn with the best of them and it’s always a treat to watch.

My overall score: A+ for kick ass special effects, bad ass women, and a great antihero who doesn’t have to talk your ear off or get nekkid to make his presence known.

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