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Mad Men Finale: Person to Person (and now I want a Coke)

Don Draper in full on Ohm mode

There’s always flak that showrunners get if a beloved TV series doesn’t have a great finale. In all these years I think the standard is still the M.A.S.H. finale. While not mind-blowingly epic, I think Mad Men’s finale ended things well. Some highlights:

  1. Sally has come home for a while to help her mother out while Betty continues to deal with lung cancer. Yet there she was, puffing away on a cigarette while Sally washed dishes. It’s that defiance in the face of what is to come that shows just how strong Betty really was in the end.
  2. Joan sets up her own production company. She got tired of men treating her like crap so now she gets to be the boss and set up her own rules.
  3. Pete Campbell and Trudy are living the high life with Learjet. Interesting though that Pete had a lifelong aversion to planes after his father was killed on one, yet he’s got no problem now.
  4. Roger and Marie head off into the witty sunset with each other. They are a well made match. God I’m going to miss all the epic Roger-isms.
  5. I’ll admit it, I’m one of those that always felt Stan and Peggy were meant to be together. And in the end, they were, and I was so happy I started tearing up. My husband looked at me with concern with huge undertones of amusement at his dorky wife. Who cares, I ‘ship Stan and Peggy… Steggy?
  6. Don comes unglued, realizing finally that his quest to erase his existence from those around him actually works. Betty doesn’t want him to take the kids after she passes away because that isn’t his “normal”. The only one concerned about him is Peggy, until Stan reminds her that he does this kind of thing all the time, disappears and then comes back. However, the time at the ashram isn’t all wasted. All the peace and love, hippy dippy stuff sinks in and it’s heavily implied that he gets inspired enough to come up with the famous “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” campaign for McCann that will now be your earworm for the rest of the day. I sang it several times last night before I went to bed. Curses, Matt Weiner!

Anyway, no one dies, life goes on and the world keeps changing.

This was such a great show. If you’ve never seen it, get on that with a quickness and be inspired.

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