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Review: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8: “Hardhome” (spoilers)

The Four Horsemen of the Wight-copalypse

Holy effin crap! To recap:

  1. Tyrion and Dany meet up and have a conversation about their wonderful fathers (just in time for Father’s Day, eh?). Jorah gets banished back to the pits. Dany decides that Tyrion will advise her so long as he can keep sober enough to do so.
  2. Sansa and Theon have a heart to heart. If you think Sansa is a wilting little flower, you’re so wrong. She basically told him that if she had her way, it would be her slicing off his manhood instead of Ramsey. Then, Theon gives up that Rickon and Bran are still alive, which she did not know. Now she has hope to carry on.
  3. Arya is still in her super secret agent spy training and is about to go on her first mission. The grin on her face was epic.
  4. Cersei is getting hers, finally. That biotch has caused so much trouble that it’s very satisfying to see her all imprisoned and what not. But Qyburn stops by and tells her that the experiment continues. If you don’t know what he’s talking about, he means his attempts to “Frankenstein” The Mountain back to life (Gregor Clegane). Perhaps that will factor into Cersei’s upcoming trial. It will also be interesting to find out if her uncle Kevan has anything to do with her imprisonment.
  5. Hardhome. Before this continues, let me say that as a book reader, all of what happens at Hardhome took me by surprise. Wights? White Walkers? The Night’s King? Re-animation? That’s how you do a zombie battle, son! Jon also learns that his Valyrian steel sword of awesome can cut through a White Walker just as well as dragon glass, so that’s good information to take back south. Wun Wun the Giant makes it back also and that makes me happy. I like Wun Wun.

So yeah, “Hardhome” was epic through and through. If I were to guess, the big battle next week will be between Stannis and Ramsey. That’s why I didn’t expect the wight battle at Hardhome as the big one doesn’t usually happen until the penultimate episode.

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