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A great cover of one of my favorite Queens of the Stone Age songs

July 31, 2015 Leave a comment

“I Sat By The Ocean” is not a stereotypical Queens of the Stone Age song. While they’re known form more psychedelic desert cock rock, this particular song is way more emotional and introspective. And rightly so since the album from whence this song came from (2013’s “Like Clockwork”) was a more introspective record for Josh Homme to begin with, recorded after he had a surgical scare and came to grips with his own mortality.

Anyway, enough of all that business. This cover features Mark Ronson on guitar and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on vocals, and it’s great. I’ll post that one and then the original from QOTSA for your enjoyment.

New trailer for Spectre, the latest James Bond installment. Lord have mercy

July 22, 2015 Leave a comment

Let’s see, the latest installment has:

  • Daniel Craig
  • Monica Bellucci
  • Christoph Waltz

and is again directed by Sam Mendes. Dis gon be gud y’all!

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