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Komen Foundation, for shame

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses provide nearly 750,000 breast cancer screenings annually, offering risk assessments, breast exams, breast health information and education, and diagnostic and surgical referrals. Over the past five years, Planned Parenthood health centers have conducted nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams with funds from Komen, out of a total of more than four million clinical breast exams performed nationwide by Planned Parenthood clinics. Komen grants also supported more than 6,400 out of 70,000 mammogram referrals made by Planned Parenthood. These are affiliate-to-affiliate grants between Komen and Planned Parenthood sister organizations at the state level.

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However, The Susan G Komen Foundation has announced that it’s yanking all breast cancer screening funding from Planned Parenthood. As they see it, they “cannot fund an agency that’s currently under government investigation.” Might as well come out with the real reason: It’s an election year and they’re bowing down to conservative pressure because some Planned Parenthood affiliates perform abortions.

First off, not all affiliates perform abortions. In my area, none perform that procedure. What they do instead is provide gynecological services to low income women who would otherwise not be able to afford such procedures. Breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings, birth control… those are the services that are most sought after. Without the funding Komen provides, Planned Parenthood will have to find other means of funding to keep providing breast cancer screenings.

It makes me sad that an entity that is supposed to be all about raising money for breast cancer research will put politics before health. I’ve given a lot of money over the years to different Komen Race for the Cures and other Komen-related fundraising events, but not anymore. I started doing this to honor my aunt who died from breast cancer some years back (Aunt Alicia, RIP), but I’m sure she won’t mind if I donate to other sources from here on out.

More on who’s behind the controversy over at Komen.

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September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Only one bookstore in town carries a book I need for class. It can’t be a used book because only the new ones contain an online code needed for homework. Ok, fine, I go check it out. 140 bucks total for one stinking book. I buy it with the pretext of holding on to it in case I can’t find another online. I do later that day for 100 bucks. I buy the second book with the intention of returning the first one for the full amount.

Now, yours truly isn’t always great with scheduling, so I manage to miss the return date by two days… evidently the bookstore only gives you a week to return textbooks for a full refund.

The nice clerk suggests I sell it back. For what, 15, 20 dollars? Dude, there’s got to be a better way.

And there is… online selling. I listed my new book plus a book from last semester over the weekend for a little under what everyone else was selling it for. The other book has sold so far. In other words, it’s not all a lost cause 🙂

So if you ever find yourself wanting to sell textbooks to recoup some cash, consider doing it online. You might be able to get more money back than you thought possible.

Update: I sold both books 🙂 Shipping wasn’t too bad, about 20 bucks for both (one weighed almost 5 lbs), and they’re on their way to their new homes.

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Martial Arts event fail due to hotel being uncool (a rant)

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Today was supposed to be graduation for our martial arts school. In this sense, graduation is when everyone who has worked hard and earned their three stripes advance to the next color belt. Also, this was supposed to be when the newly minted black belts get their recognition. There’s demonstrations of the different styles taught, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga. That is, this is what happens when a graduation is actually allowed to take place.

There are two schools, with at least 200 students. Add parents and spouses, and yes it gets crowded and hot, especially when demonstrations begin. For the past year, the McAllen Grand Plaza has been hosting the event in their main ballroom with no complaints. Two months ago the instructors at the school paid to use the ballroom today, and everyone gets there to find out the facility was in use by someone else. The proprietors of the hotel said that the city’s fire marshal had come by to shut down the event due to overcrowding. That could fly, I suppose, had the fire marshal not shown up not long after to refute that claim.

All I’m saying is, if you don’t want an event being held at your place, then fine. Be upfront about it. Don’t take the money and then on the day of the event shut it down. There were a lot of disappointed students and loved ones, including me and my husband.

Least I got my orange belt:

Orange Belt, yeah! 🙂


We’ll see where it’s held next quarter. Purple belt, here I come!

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Amazon, why do you do me this way?

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Spent a C-note on a new textbook (need the unlock code it contains), and this is what they send:

Check out the lower corner... notice a rip?

I expected better from y’all 😦

Now the question becomes, do I send it back and wait another week when I already have homework to do, or keep it and say oh well. I haven’t decided either way.

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Why I will never buy a Jeep again

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve owned several Jeeps over the years. This one in particular (Liberty) I’ve owned since 2004. In the last two years three window regulators failed. Today I’m at the dealership getting one of them replaced AGAIN.

Jeep, I’m sure you have geeks crawling cyberspace looking for posts mentioning your vehicles. Well listen up. Start using better parts. Having to replace a regulator multiple times is unacceptable. The next vehicle my husband and I are planning to buy next year will not be a Jeep, I can tell you that much. And that’s because I’ve been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. Never again.

Five Star? Yeah, right.

This really annoys me… a note about the medical profession

March 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been going to the same family practice doctor for years. It’s a nice place, and on most occasions one isn’t kept waiting too long. On staff is the doc, and a physician’s assistant. I like the PA, he’s cool, so I normally go to him.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that the wait times have been increasing more and more. Last time I was in, I waited probably an hour and 15 minutes to be seen. In the words of my Dad… “they done worked my last nerve”.

Of course, the PA was apologetic, and I know it isn’t his fault that there are so many patients. But really, why are there so many now? Well, I’ve figured two things out:

  1. The doctor has started to specialize in two other areas apart from medicine: Botox injections and opening a weight loss clinic of sorts (offering the HCG diet plan, eeeek).
  2. Most of the patients seen are for either reasons 1 or 2, and there are a lot more lately.

I understand that the economy is in the dumper, and people gotta do what brings in the money. But the downside is the quality of the patient experience also goes down. And, because we live in a society where health care isn’t socialized, that means that patients are able to pick and choose who will be their provider.

I may just have to pledge my allegiance (and my copay) to someone else if things don’t improve.

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