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T’is the season for races

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

One of the pros to living in South Texas is the mild winter temperatures. I don’t do well when the thermostat gets below 60 degrees or so, particularly when it comes to running. For example, I did a 5K at the end of December with the thermostat reading about 46 degrees. Couple that with the insanity of deciding to wear a compression top under a hoodie (I was burning up something fierce half a mile in) AND my iPhone dying on me, well it was just a perfect storm of everything going wrong. Finished the race without stopping, but my time was pretty crap.

This weekend was another race I signed up for at the last minute. Not only was it much warmer, but the course was laid out nicely. Improved my time by about 1:30 πŸ™‚

I don’t get much chance to really train for races during the week, so I have to save my longer distances for the weekend. But, I’m really going to try to get that time down to where I used to be when I first started getting into races a few years back. Sub-30s, baby. In the meantime, I’m searching for a treadmill for early morning runs and getting the conditioning where I need it to be.

That being said, there are some songs I must have in my race playlist. The majority of these songs have been part of my races since 2009, and even if I’ve heard them a thousand times, there they will stay:

Strap on those sneakers and hit the pavement. The time is right πŸ˜‰

Some epic dance tunes for your Saturday afternoon/evening

August 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently I’ve been posting about older music that I’m rediscovering, but really and truly I’m a 90s electro/house kinda girl. So, in that vein…


Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue

U Got Me Up (Cajmere’s Underground Goodies Remix) – Dajae

Elektro – Outwork feat. Mr. Gee (not really 90s but I still dig it)

Β Music Selector is the Soul Reflector – Deee Lite

Rez/Cowgirl (Live) – Underworld

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